What's all this about?

When someone says 'feedback', what's the first thing you think of? It's the retrospective, right? Similar to a magic trick, this is due to preconditioning that makes this a predictable answer. It may be our 'go to' feedback mechanism - but it is not the only one. It might not even be the best one, depending on your goal. We want to inspire you to look a little differently at your team and organisation. You work in a sea of feedback, some obvious - some not. Many teams consider only a small fraction of the available feedback to improve their behaviours. This website compliments a workshop which provides a simple process that allows an organisation to explore alternative and often ignored sources of feedback and decide how they might use and manage the information they uncover. The session is agile agnostic; it is not specific to any particular method. The inspiration for this was actually Top Trumps, a popular card game from our youth. For each type of fe

Agile in the City - 15th and 16th of June

We will be presenting this workshop again at Agile in the City which will be taking place on the 15th and 16th of June, you can read a bit more  here

LLKD - 3rd and 4th of April

Helen Meek and Richard Arpino will be holding the Swimming in Feedback workshop at London Lean Kanban Days on the 3rd of April.